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  • BUD SCOTT has just gone to the Emergency Room at Roseville Hospital and is requesting prayer. Please pray for his full and complete recovery!
    TIM D - Apr 17 2017
  • Please pray for Faye.her sister Maxine found out she has pancreatic cancer and will be starting treatment. Also please pray for my daughter Larona who will begin treatment for substance abuse.
    Nancy Winn - Mar 06 2017
  • Special prayer for my current job for the lord to remove all evil both seen and unseen from around at my job in every area. To give me the opportunity to train at my job in computers for current what im currently studying in school for IT Engendering.
    CHARLES WRIGHT - Jan 15 2017
  • I know iam so far away here in oklahoma, My good friend came to my shop, his eyes full. My Friend and his family are in pain,,I would like all of us to pray, Pray that his uncle comes out of this coma and over comes his health issue in his lungs. thank you, GOD BLESS
    Tim Drake - Jun 22 2011
  • Pray for my family my mom passed away after long illness on Thursday 6-10-11 and for my brother who has cancer in his hip and my sister who has a lump in her breast she is having examined this week and for my wife who is struggling with allergies and for my job and income situation my hours have dropped at work, thank you for your faithfulness.
    cliff marrs - Jun 11 2011
  • They have elimanted my position and work and my coworker. this happen yesterday. we have to out by 10/1. they are offering us a settlement or package of something. 15 years with Mercy I'm a mess please pray for us . the both of us have medical issues, single, and live by ourselves. I appreiatate my church family and love you. Thank you for all your support all the past 29 years. Love Debbie
    debbie morrow - Sep 21 2010
  • im a bachelor please pray that i can start being more organized and keep my house and other things neat, clean and in order.
    k B. - Dec 28 2009
  • To my Church Family, thanks for all your prayers and support.
    Lisa Taylor - Nov 18 2009
  • I want to request prayer for God to heal partially but chronic headache which i have experience it for long.
    palasi Tawiah - Sep 14 2009
  • Please pray that we are able to keep our kids in SDA schools.
    Anon Anon - Jul 29 2009